The portrait has a long standing tradition in almost every society. Portraits were predominantly painted to celebrate important people and for the artist, creating a portrait was to be amongst their finest achievements. 

Today the portrait still holds strong and can be found just about everywhere. We have an ever growing appetite to display images of ourselves and others in all manner of media, from the more traditional painted portrait to the mobile phone selfie. 

When an artist creates a portrait it is done with great consideration, time and skill. The artist will be absorbing and interpreting the sitters character as well as the physical appearance. This time spent between sitter and artist is crucial; what  is invoked and communicated emotionally is essential in capturing the energy and ‘life’ of the work, not only as a portrait but as a piece of art.

 The Poet Laureate Dame Carol Ann Duffy

The Poet Laureate Dame Carol Ann Duffy

There are many reasons for commissioning a portrait. A common misconception is that it is for people who are egotistical or vain. What we don’t realise is that more often than not the painting is intended for others. In my experience the reasons people commission covers a broad spectrum and rarely is it for vanity or ego. 



The process is straight forward for portraits, and one that is often enjoyed by many of my sitters, including the furry ones. It is not time consuming for the sitter and I am always happy to work  within a given schedule from either my studio, the sitters home or an alternative venue. 

For further information about commissioning a portrait including a size, price guide and current time frame, please click here.