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Workshops are for all ages and levels, however, some experience and ability to mix colour and use paint is necessary as this is a challenging workshop and beyond beginners stage. Working with a model this class is about creating portraits instinctively rather than academically. By this I mean no traditional measuring techniques and working with a three step observation method (sitter – palette – canvas). This allows the eye to train rapidly in responding to colour and form instinctively, your ability in drawing and measuring will come naturally, ultimately capturing the character and likeness of the sitter. This is a methodology I have developed for my own practice and is how I create a more characterful, instinctive portrait. The workshop also gives strong emphasis to colour mixing and palette preparation. It covers how to use colour effectively by recognising tonal values, temperature and harmony. Preparing the palette before painting is crucial to the three step method and is a fast track in developing your skills in painting and preparing your own personal palette.

The atmosphere is relaxed and fun but prepare to be tired by the end! 

Materials are provided at all workshops. We will be using oil paint only in this workshop (for those who prefer to use acrylic, please bring with you). Please note solvents are used in this workshop.

To book on a workshop follow the link below. Further information about the day is also given.


Below are the latest workshops at several different locations. All workshops are structured in the same way, however, the longer workshops (Kingston and Kensington) offer a more in depth look at colour theory, mixing and preparing a palette.

KENSINGTON:12th May 12:30 - 5pm SOLD OUT. 24th June 12:30 - 5pm - places available

ISLINGTON: 2nd June 12:30 - 5pm - places available 23rd June 12:30 - 5pm places available

KINGSTON: 26th May 2019. 12:30 - 5pm. SOLD OUT.

CHISWICK: Coming soon.

1 - 2 - 1 Sessions. For details about one on one tuition please email.

CLICK HERE TO BOOK A WORKSHOP When booking a place and your payment has gone through, your place on the workshop is confirmed. You do not need to do anything else except turn up on the day 10 minutes before the class begins to settle yourself next to your easel. Please bring snacks/refreshments for the day. There will be regular breaks but no specific break for lunch etc.

Workshop from 11th April 2018 at Cass Art, Islington

Workshop from 11th April 2018 at Cass Art, Islington

Some examples of student work at the workshops. Students work on several portraits during a session in order to work more instinctively with colour and form. This fast tracks the eye to learn to measure naturally and to see colour without overthinking and overworking.

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