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Workshops are for all ages and levels, though some experience and ability to mix and use paint is necessary. Working with a model this class is about working instinctively rather than academically. By this I mean a technique of application and movement likened to action painting, adopted by the early abstract expressionists. In doing this it focuses on colour, light and form while working quickly to capture the expression and character of the model. Producing an instinctive portrait, rather than focusing on measuring and traditional representation, a fast track developing skill in expressing character. When creating a portrait this kind of preliminary work is crucial. It is the way I gather my reference material before I begin on the main portrait. These workshops are excellent in training the eye to a more sophisticated level of seeing. You will begin to understand the complexity of colour more and your ability in drawing and measuring will come naturally.

The atmosphere is relaxed and fun but prepare to be tired out by the end! 


Below are the latest workshops at several different locations. All workshops are structured in the same way, however, the longer workshops (Kingston and Kensington) offer a more in depth look at colour mixing. Click on the button for the date/location on which you wish to attend. This will take you to the booking details.

Basic materials are provided at all workshops, however, if you prefer to use your own equipment i.e. brushes etc, please bring along. We will be using oil paint only in this workshop (for those who prefer to use other painting media e.g. acrylic, please bring with you).



10th FEBRUARY 2019. 12:30pm - 5:30pm. 7 places left


Location: Cass Art Kensington

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30TH MARCH 2019. 12 - 5pm. 12 places left

PRICE £58.

Location: Cass Art Kingston Upon Thames.

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27th JANUARY 2019. 1pm - 4:30pm. SOLD OUT

24th FEBRUARY 2019. 1 - 4:30 pm. 5 places left


Location: Cass Art Islington



14th February 2019. 11:30am - 4:30pm. 10 places

PRICE £46.

Location: English Bridge Workshop, Shrewsbury SY2 6AD

Workshop from 11th April 2018 at Cass Art, Islington

Workshop from 11th April 2018 at Cass Art, Islington

Some examples of student work at the workshops. Students work on several portraits during a session in order to work more instinctively with colour and form. This fast tracks the eye to learn to measure naturally and to see colour without overthinking and overworking.

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