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" You have an outstanding energy and commitment for teaching, not to mention patience, all of which reflects your own passion for your technique and the desire to pass on that knowledge to others. Thank you." Lynette W, July 2019, Kensington workshop

Workshops are for all ages and levels, however, some experience and ability to mix colour and use paint is necessary as this is a challenging workshop and a little beyond beginners stage. Working with a model this class is about creating portraits instinctively rather than academically. By this I mean no traditional measuring techniques and working with a three step observation method: sitter – palette – canvas. This allows the eye to train rapidly in responding to colour and form instinctively using a premixed palette in order to position colour accurately on the canvas. Your ability in drawing (modelling colour) and measuring will come naturally, ultimately capturing the character and likeness of the sitter. This is a method I have developed for my own practice and is how I create a more characterful, instinctual portrait. The workshop gives strong emphasis to colour mixing and palette preparation. It covers how to use colour effectively by recognising tonal values, temperature and harmony. Palette preparation is crucial to this method of painting and is a fast track in developing your skills in painting.

The atmosphere is relaxed and fun but prepare to be tired by the end! 

Materials are provided at all workshops. We will be using oil paint only in this workshop (for those who prefer to use acrylic, please bring with you). Please note solvents are used in this workshop.


Below are the latest workshops at several different locations. All workshops are structured in the same way, starting with tonal work, colour and how to mix a palette effectively before moving on to painting the portrait. The two day workshops are recommended as they allow time to develop and understand the method through practice. CLICK HERE TO BOOK A WORKSHOP

ISLINGTON: 1st September 12pm - 5pm 3 SOLD OUT. 29th September 12pm - 5pm 7 places available. BOOK ISLINGTON

KENSINGTON WEEKEND WORKSHOPS: 21st & 22nd SEPTEMBER 12pm - 5pm (2pm - 6pm day 2). 6 places only. 12th & 13th October 12-5pm (both) 6 places only. BOOK KENSINGTON

CHISWICK/HAMMERSMITH: 31st August 11am - 5pm. 5 places left. BOOK CHISWICK. This is a new location and replaces the Kingston workshops. The time for this workshop has also been been extended. Vine Works Studio is a large, bright studio space where I will be running portrait workshops, life drawing/painting and still life workshops.

BOOK A COURSE: A course of 3 workshops or more is the most effective way to fast track your skills to becoming a competent portrait painter. The structure of the workshops essentially stays the same, however, if you are on a course you will be given the one on one tuition you will need to develop over this timeframe. You are able to choose which dates and venues you would like to attend. For more information and cost for booking a course please email.

1 - 2 - 1 SESSIONS: For details about one on one tuition please email.

When booking a place and your payment has gone through, your place on the workshop is confirmed. You do not need to do anything else except turn up on the day 10 minutes before the class begins to settle yourself next to your easel. Please bring snacks/refreshments for the day. There will be regular breaks but no specific break for lunch etc.

Please note, last minute cancellation refunds or transfer requests are not possible. If advance notice is given and a replacement is found a refund or transfer can be made.

Workshop from July 2019 with the creative team at the Madam Tussauds waxwork studios.

Workshop from July 2019 with the creative team at the Madam Tussauds waxwork studios.

Some examples of student work at the workshops. Students can work on several portraits during a session in order to work more instinctively with colour and form. This fast tracks the eye to learn to measure naturally and to see colour without overthinking and overworking.

Workshops at Cass Art Islington 2018/2019

Workshops at Cass Art Islington 2018/2019


“What a fantastic workshop! We asked Claire to come to our workplace to run a 2 day portrait painting workshop for our team of 6 as a bit of different challenge for us and to learn something new. We are all quite experienced artists in a slightly different field and wanted to learn more about painting portraits in 2D on canvas. Claire was such an excellent tutor, she is so talented, but also has such a wonderful and calming manner, which really put our group at ease and enabled us to relax and enjoy our course, with all elements and processes explained clearly and with such a clear love for colour and painting.

Claire brought along all the necessary materials we needed and the most lovely life model for us to paint who also added to the fun of workshop.

I would highly recommend a bespoke workshop with Claire to anybody! We all thoroughly enjoyed it and hope to book another in the future! Thankyou from all of us here at MMM Studios”

Madam Tussauds Workshop, Merlin Entertainments June 2019


“The workshop was well structured with clear demonstration of the value of light and shade and how this benefits showing depth within a portrait. 

We were shown how to use charcoal to gain an understanding of this whilst looking at the sitter. The oil paint mixing demonstration made the process easy to follow and an enjoyable. 

This is the first oil painting workshop that I have attended and I came away excited at having learned so much and wanting to do more. I hope that I will be able to attend more workshops with Claire as she was an excellent teacher and encouraging throughout. I have to say that the sitter was also amazing. “

Kay S. July 2019, Kensington workshop


Dear Cass Art Kensington team,

“I am writing to thank you and the tutors for the workshops you organised for the K&C Arts weekend at the end of June.

It was a great opportunity for getting to know the various media and techniques and to learn new things from experienced and talented artists.Although the elements of wind and sun proved challenging (maybe that is something to better prepare for next time), I found the workshops very enjoyable and enlightening.

Claire Eastgate was extremely knowledgeable and I especially appreciated her session's preparations: getting a male model and having pre-prepared canvasses set up on large easels. It was hugely satisfying to have managed to create a portrait by the end to take home.”

Mate V. KCAW, Holland Park June 2019


Hi Claire,

Great workshop last Sunday.I found very helpful, the free brushwork,preparation of the pallet,and colour temperature.

Regards, Denis. 

Denis C. Islington workshop, Dec 2018


“I just want to mention how calming and free you felt within the class, Claire is a wonderful teacher and leaves you feeling completely unjudged and open to paint however you feel.”

Sophie C Jun 2019 Madam Tussauds workshop